The Graduation ceremony of 50 women and girls

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members, Dear Yemenfriends,

Over the past days almost all media have reported on President Biden´s endeavours to end the war in Yemen but concrete details are missing.
We therefor forward a very positive report on

„The Graduation ceremony of 50 women and girls“
Dear All , Please find attached the photos of the ceremony of the  end of the course on the preserving the ancient Yemeni heritage that was hold and done under the auspices of the British Council. We set up a fashion show for the ancient dress of most regions of Yemen and distributed certificates and bonuses to all, it was a great day and a wonderful ceremony, we wanted to share with you  this great event and to show you that in all the bad circumstance of the hard life and the war something wonderful can come out. We are grateful to you all for supporting us and helping us Thank you so much.
Best Nouria Nagi

instead of an Easter message with all good wishes for an optimum possible pleasant feast with virusfree eggs!
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