Womans shelter

Abused Women´s Shelter – The Al-Wiam Family House in Sana´a

We are a social residence for abused women.

We ensure a socially and family structured residence for abused women from the age of 13 years and above with their children under the age of nine when not finding a shelter or not accepted by their families upon leaving a prison or for other reasons, and provide temporary safe hosting for a minimum period of six months.

We try our best to reach a reconciliation between the abused women and their families through dialogue, appropriate solutions for family disputes, and also provide health care, psychological, social and legal advice and training to assure rehabilitation so that the women can re-integrate into society.


  • Women are taken in, are accommodated and provided with clothing and food
  • Every possible effort is undertaken to reconcile the women with their families
  • The majority of our hosts have legal issues at stake and we have to go to court and follow up their problems; this involves lobbying and advocacy of abused women´s issues, legal support for cases that require defence at court, judicial assistance, identification of women´s rights and their personal status law
  • Special attention is given to psychological, religious and legal counselling in addition to specific health care
  • Vocational training and, upon having terminated the courses, the women are assisted in finding jobs
  • Aftercare: Follow-up care of women leaving the residence, whether upon returning to their families or getting married, and support to become and remain self-assured

We do our best to assume corporate responsibility.