Yemen Education & Relief Organization

a development aid organization originally started on a private basis to arrange for street begging children to go to school, and to assist destitute families so that their children need no longer be sent out begging for survival.

Nouria Nagi, a charismatic, indefatigably active Yemeni lady, started the project in her house when she was widowed and had no children. She was so successful that the house soon became too small. The Dutch Embassy provided a larger building and continues to contribute to this project. Children admitted to YERO receive schooling in accordance with their age and capabilities, are dressed as required and provided with school bags and material, are given lunch and assistance with homework, and also receive medical care, until they have finished school, while all the time livinging with their families.

School results are most impressive. Many of these children from the poorest families make it to rank among the first in a class after a very short time. In order to also promote the children in other subjects instruction in painting and music has been initiated, and a football team organised – already winning games.

Nouria wanted to help the mothers too. The German Embassy sponsored five Singer sewing machines, and a training course was started. Once again it has taken only a very short time for the enthousiastic women to produce various objects which sell well at the diplomatic receptions in Sana´a. The income received is the first money the women make on their own. In the meantime the products are also sold at the annual UN Bazaar in Vienna.

YERO is financed with contributions; an essential part comes from a special sponsoring program. In order to participate as a sponsor € 200.- per year are necessary to enable a child to receive an education. For every child sponsored a “file“ is propared, with a photo and details of the family concerned. Sponsors can communicate in English by E-Mail with the child chosen and can visit the child, receive regular informtion on the school results and other activities.

In the interest of the child we would ask sponsors to continue to finance a child until the end of the schooling period.

At present Nouria is caring for 600 children, 82 have Austrian sponsors. YERO´s bookkeeping is permanently inspectable, 100 % of the money sponsored is used for the projec. All persons working for YERO are volunteers.

In 2016 Nouria was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth in London. In Sana´a she was given the “Order of Merit“ by the President of the Repulik of Yemen, and the “Certificate of Appreciation“ and the “Shield of Honor“ (for promoting young people) by the government.

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