On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Vienna and also in my own personal capacity, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the CEO of Helping hands for Yemen as an independent, non-governmental, social development organization that takes actions for orphaned and abounded children and bring light to their life and future.

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen is appreciating the role of all these organizations and the donors including the helping hands team in setting up Felix Arabia International which its core activity is to offer long-term care for children, youth and women in Yemen and working in the spirit of a long lasting relationship between the Yemeni people and your esteemed organization.

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen will assure its cooperation and support to the Organization.
I would like to once more convey my warm thanks and wishes for plenty energy and drive for the tasks that lie ahead.


Welcome to Felix Arabia International

We are an caritative organization, the board and organization of which consists of exclusively honorary members. It is our aim to promote social projects in Yemen, concentrating primarily on helping women and children.

We will continually provide information on the projects:

  • YERO (Yemen Education and Relief Organization)
    Schooling is provided for children who beg in the streets or have to work in order to contribute to their families‘ upkeep.
  • FAMILY HOUSE (Abused Women’s Shelter)
    Abused and desperate women are offered accommodation, training, and assistance for starting a new life.
    Internships for young Yemeni doctors should be provided in Austrian hospitals and vice versa could Austrian physicians render services in Yemen.

These projects are only possible with financial assistance!!

Furthermore you will find:

  • News in form of a monthly newsletter
  • Travelling in Yemen
  • History
  • Customs and Habits
  • Photos
  • We welcome your interest and are looking forward to your ideas, comments, and possibly also contributions and suggestions.

Should you wish to become a member or contribute please visit the following page „ABOUT US