Present Situation

Dear Sponsors, Members and Yemen Friends,

You are cereinly missing the otherwise regular information. The incredible conditions in Felix Arabia are, so very unfortunately, permanently confronted with more catastrophes
which renders ist almost impossible to offer sustainable reports.

With a view to permit you to track the present situation I am attaching the minutes of our 4th General Assembly with kindest regards


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News from Nouria & YERO

Our first NL once again offers you despite the horrendous political situation very positive photos from Yemen. All YERO children could be given new parkers for Christmas because Nouria had received sufficient money to do so.

Many thanks to all sponsors and kindest regards


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SOS-Yemen – Ashwaq Muharram

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members, Dear Yemenfriends!

The very sporadic information offered in Austrian media on the present
situation in Yemen is in no way describing the actual status quo for
many among you. Together with my FAI team we could avoid the worst
thanks to your extra donations and have connected with a very
successfully engaged other organisation “SOS-Yemen” to assist also
children and mothers in Hodeidah. Please open the below link with the
impressive activities of Dr. Muharram.

Very kind regards

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Back to school

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members, Dear Yemen Friends,

It has taken a long time but now our children are permitted to go to school again, are eagerly looking forward and excited …

Almost a similar situation can be reported from Yemen, where children also start returning to school after a very problematic summer. Our YERO children are particularly thrilled since, thanks to your kind donations, Nouria could provide special material and even beautiful bags.

Please enjoy with me the happy eyes of the children hugging their presents.


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Bazar in Sana´a

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members and Dear Yemenfriends,

once again you are invited to visit our homepage for an authentic report from Sana´a instead of a newsletter. Nouria managed to organise a successful bazaar. It is a heart-warming proof that the Yemenis do not give in despite the ever more miserable political situation. Please enjoy the photos and let us hope together that it will be possible in a near future to send such products also to Austria!

Kindest regards


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Enjoyable news from the womenshelter

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members Dear Yemen Friends !

For more than ten years FELIX ARABIA INTERNATIONAL has been supporting the Women´s Shelter in Sana´a. As a result of a very friendly relationship with the 1 % Development Fund at the VIC in the framework of my German lessons for the UNWG we could, for the fourth time running, transmit a generous donation and the delighted ladies now profit from a first class PC training. Please do enjoy the charming photos with me.

Kindest regards,

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Ramadan 2021

Dear Sponsors, Members and Yemenfriends:

Nouia succeeded to compile RAMADAN presents, depending on the size of the household, for all children and their families, display them in all the rooms and distribute them immediately.
Many thanks again for your donations and please enjoy the photos!

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The Graduation ceremony of 50 women and girls

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members, Dear Yemenfriends,

Over the past days almost all media have reported on President Biden´s endeavours to end the war in Yemen but concrete details are missing.
We therefor forward a very positive report on

„The Graduation ceremony of 50 women and girls“
Dear All , Please find attached the photos of the ceremony of the  end of the course on the preserving the ancient Yemeni heritage that was hold and done under the auspices of the British Council. We set up a fashion show for the ancient dress of most regions of Yemen and distributed certificates and bonuses to all, it was a great day and a wonderful ceremony, we wanted to share with you  this great event and to show you that in all the bad circumstance of the hard life and the war something wonderful can come out. We are grateful to you all for supporting us and helping us Thank you so much.
Best Nouria Nagi

instead of an Easter message with all good wishes for an optimum possible pleasant feast with virusfree eggs!
Kindest regards

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From the News

Dear Members, Dear Sponsors, Dear Jemenfriends,

instead of a Newsletter today at shortest notice an article taken from the New York Times:

In ending American support for offensive Saudi operations in Yemen’s civil war — which he said had “created a humanitarian and strategic catastrophe” — Mr. Biden is delivering on a campaign promise, days after his administration announced a review of major U.S. arms sales to Riyadh that were approved by the Trump administration. The U.S. has also provided intelligence, targeting data and logistical support for the Saudi intervention. Mr. Biden said he would work to revive dormant peace talks and announced the appointment of a special envoy for Yemen

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News from Nouria

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members,

Nouria could buy and distribute school material and food for all children thanks to your contributions and has asked me to thank all of you.
And, please do enter your E- Mail address in the box to the right above, for you to receive all NLs automatically.

Kindest Regards

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