A Newsletter despite Corona

Dear Members, sponsors and Yemen friends,

Very little, if at all, is communicated in the media regarding Yemen and, if so, only in a few lines – but FAI has news indeed:

  • All YERO children are well, the pandemic appears to be raging primarily in Aden and environment. Nevertheless, Nouria supplies all children and their families with water and soap.
  • Thanks to generous contributions from many of our members Eid alAdha could be celebrated as in former times and all present received food packages to take home.
  • A wonderful piece of news is the support of our YERO mothers on the part of the British Council in London via FAI. A new project permits financing cultural traditions in Yemen, in particular the very beautiful embroidery. The ladies involved are not only occupied in an optimal way, they earn money whereas most fathers are without a job because of the war. Kuwait and Denmark have the possibility of flying the finished products out of the country and sell them abroad – internationally promoting Yemeni tradition.
  • Furthermore, Zeitschule, the charitable organisation stationed in Munich, has once again transmitted an entirely unexpected, fairly huge sum. Nouria is in a position to not only purchase new computers, she also provides new clothing, in particular shoes, and new teaching material for all children.
  • A new organisation has been established in Vienna last week: “Apotheker ohne Grenzen”  (Pharmasists without borders), managed by one of our lady sponsors and intending to finance medicines to be purchased by Nouria in Sana´a. A relevant list of products available is being prepared. A second list will be provided by the manager of the Shelter.
  • And one more info: in the course of one of the next Sunday morning broadcasts in Ö1 Nouria will be interviewed live. You will be informed about the exact date by E Mail.
  • Last but not least: Donation requests for Yemen should be considered with utmost care: some organisations unfortunately collect money for their very own profit …

With all good wishes for the best of your summers despite the pandemic


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