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Ramadan 2020

Dear Sponsors, Dear Members, Dear Yemen Friends, Nouria managed to arrange special Ramadan food ratios for all our children and their families despite the horrible circumstances.With many thanks again for your contributions and kindest regards,Anisa

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Ramadan 2019

Dear Members, Dear Sponsors, … and once more Nouria managed to distribute food rations to the children and their families for Ramadan … The Saudi bomb has fallen very close to the house … it is a miracle that all

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Newsletter 1 / 2019

Dear Members, Dear Sponsors, You will have been wondering not receiving our customary Newsletters for quite some time. A very understandable explanation might be the fact that events due to the aggravation of the war become obsolete on a daily

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News from Nouria

Dear Members and Sponsors, …and once again Nouria managed to celebrate Eid alAdha with the children and distribute presents. The situation in Sana´a is pretty awful, no gasoline, electricity only sporadically and the Saudis have destroyed the water main! All

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Dear Members and Sponsors, the situation in Yemen has become so very unclear and alarming that we refrain from sending you a newsletter, but can report a very positive result of our Ramadan contribution. Thanks to a very generous donation

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Interview with Barbara Wally

Interview with  Barbara Wally, published online in Blog “At the time being Yemen is the worldwide worst location for a child” very recently pronounced Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF-Regional director in Yemen. The media report violence, famine, cholera, epidemics …   Yemen is

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Newsletter 24

After more than 1.000 days of war the fragmentation of Yemen is rapidly progressing. In the course of a by now three-year war the winners start manifesting themselves, no longer corresponding to the parties in power before the beginning of

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News from YERO

Dear Sponsors and Dear Members, thanks to your contributions, upon receipt of our Christmas letter, warm blankets could be bought for all YERO children and their families as it had become all of a sudden very cold. Many thanks for

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Interview with Nouria

Please read:

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Eid alFitre

Dear Members and Sponsors, Thanks to your donations Nouria managed once more to distribute food to all YERO children and their families for Eid al Fitre and to provide the children with new clothes and school utensils. May their happy

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